Tips for Dyeing Hair at Home

Want to spruce up your look and dye your hair yourself? I’ve been dyeing my own hair for over ten years, and here are 5 tips to help you dye your hair at home!

Disclaimer: Some products recommended in this post were gifted from the brands. All opinions are my own.


Tip for Dyeing Hair at Home #1 – Get the right hair dye

There are infinite options for dyeing your hair at home. These are the hair dye brands I recommend and why:

+ oVertone

oVertone comes in a wide range of colors, from natural shades like black and ginger, to fashion colors like pink and green. It’s super easy to apply, and they also have shades formulated specifically for dark hair so you don’t need to bleach your hair before.

+ Manic Panic

The OG hair color for the punk lifestyle, Manic Panic is still an amazing product for dyeing your hair at home. Their color range is more focused on fashion colors, but offer a wide range of permanence with their products from wash-out spray color to amplified formula that can last up to 8 weeks. They also sell bleach kits if you are wanting to bleach your hair at home.

+ Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox is very similar to Manic Panic in terms of their formulation just at a slightly lower price point. They offer a limited (but very on trend) color range, in addition to other hair products and bleach kits.


In general, I recommend avoiding at-home/box hair color that uses harsh chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide that penetrate the cuticle of your hair and create damage. If you do use chemical hair dye, please follow the instructions carefully and understand the results will be harder to reverse if it does not end up the way you want.



Tip for Dyeing Hair at Home #2 – Get the right tools

Make sure you’re protecting your hands & applying the dye as recommended. I usually use gloves to apply my hair color with my hands, but depending on the dye & your hair you may want to use a brush & bowl to apply the color.



Tip for Dyeing Hair at Home #3 – Protect your skin

In addition to wearing gloves, protect your face & ears from getting stained by applying Vaseline or conditioner along your hairline & on top of your ears.

To protect your scalp from getting stained, avoid washing your hair before dyeing so your natural oils can protect your skin.



Tip for Dyeing Hair at Home #4 – Work in sections

To make sure you’re covering every strand of hair, section your hair out with clips – I usually part my hair down the middle and then part those sections again right above the ear.

Work within these sections, fully saturating each section with dye to assure every strand is covered. Divide your hair into smaller sections if needed.



Tip for Dyeing Hair at Home #5 – Make the Color Last

When it’s time to wash out the dye, use cool water to prevent the hair color from bleeding*.

How long a color will last depends on the type of dye, but to help make the color last as long as it can, I recommend washing your hair as infrequently as you can, using color-safe shampoo & rinsing with cold water.

*Some semi-permanent dyes may continue to bleed even after a few washes, so be careful when using light colored towels, bedding, and clothing.





Tips for Dyeing Your Hair at Home

How to dye your hair at home


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