the top new york fashion week street style trends

Despite the rain, street style for New York Fashion Week Spring 2019 was strong than ever. Check out these top looks and how some of the top fashion influencers, models, and celebrities styled these trends!

Animal Print

Especially snake skin, animal print of all colors and styles were seen outside of the New York Fashion Week shows.

​Tweed & Plaid

We saw tweed and plaid pop up on just about every outfit, from pants to dress to bags to shoes.

Sequins & Metallics

Street style this season was bringing the BLING – on jackets, dresses, blouses, and more.

Eclectic Layers

Some of the boldest trend setters wore many different trends layered on top of each other to create completely unique looks.

Corsets & Bralettes

Corsets and bralettes made a strong appearance this season, especially layered over t-shirts or under oversized blazers, plus paired with mini skirts and high waisted pants.

Monochrome Power Suit

Especially neon, red, orange, and yellow, the 80′ are definitely back with full, monochrome, structured power suits.

Blazer dresses

Blazers were a key element of many street style looks this season from tweed to power suits, but many forwent the pants and skirts for the stylish blazer dress. Many paid their blazer dresses with the dark horse of fashion week street style – biker shorts.

White Boots

What can we say, white boots are here to stay in street style!

Baker Boy Caps

A street style trend spotted back in February, the baker boy caps are still going strong.

Belt Bag

Belt bags and fanny packs, worn multiple ways, have been gaining steady ground in street style, and were the most spotted accessories outside of shows this season.

Off-White Belts & Straps

This graphic, tape belt style is creeping into street style slowly but surely.

Clear Accessories

Bags, shoes, umbrellas, rain coats!

What’s your favorite trend or look from this season’s street style? Let me know below!

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