3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Prescription Sunglasses

Sun’s out, sunGLASSES out! As the weather is heating up and we start to see the sun more (especially in Seattle), everyone is whipping out the number one summer accessory: sunglasses. But for glasses wearers, the ability to protect our eyes and participate in stylish trends can feel limited in the sunny summer months. That’s where prescription sunglasses come to the rescue!

I took three pairs of Discount Glasses prescription sunglasses with me to New Orleans this month to share the three reasons why investing in prescription sunglasses is one of the best decisions you can make for your vision, health, and style!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Discount Glasses. Opinions are entirely my own.


#1: Protect your eyes!

People who wear glasses tend to forgo wearing sunglasses completely, I certainly did for many years! But UV rays can cause serious eye problems and compromise your vision by damaging eye cells.

Wearing prescription sunglasses instead of contacts and regular sunglasses can reduce eye fatigue and dryness, especially when driving and in the summer heat. In New Orleans it was 75-90 degrees everyday, so I was happy to forgo irritating contacts and wear my prescription Olde Towne shades!


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#2: Don’t compromise your vision!

As I admitted above, for many years I didn’t own prescription sunglasses. I also hated wearing contacts, so in the event that I really needed to wear sunglasses (e.g. a photoshoot or an extremely sunny day), I would completely compromise my vision and wear a normal pair of sunglasses. This resulted in a lot of dizziness and as you can imagine, being slightly blind.

Now that I own prescription sunglasses, I never have to worry about compromising my vision to keep my eyes protected, or vice versa! My new favorite pair of prescription sunglasses I picked up from Discount Glasses are my Highbanks style, that perfectly pop against my pink hair!



#3: Mix up your style!

Investing in prescription sunglasses allows you to add some flare and variety into your everyday summer style! On my trip to New Orleans, I brought three pairs of prescription sunglasses with me to match every outfit, from sleek and simple to bold and flirty styles.

Discount Glasses stays on top of the latest trends in eyewear, from frame shape to material and colors, and are constantly releasing new styles from their in-house lines. In fact, my friend Emma of Emma’s Edition borrowed my retro inspired Bexley sunglasses to shoot outside The Commander’s Palace!


NOLA Jackson Square prescription glasses black sunhat

NOLA The Commanders Palace

The Vinatge NOLA

Photos by Emma’s Edition.


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    I LOVE my prescription sunglasses! How cool that you brought several pairs! They are all so adorable on you 🙂