How to Pose with Glasses

Are you afraid to wear glasses in photos? Have no fear! Here are 4 tips you can you to use for how to pose with glasses and sunglasses.


Tip #1 – Frame the glasses with hands or objects

This is my go-to glasses posing method! Draw attention to your glasses by directing or touching hands or objects to them. This creates leading lines and framing within the photo to direct the viewer’s attention. Utilize shallow depth of field to further draw focus to your glasses.

How to pose with glasses

How to pose with glasses

How to pose with glasses

How to pose with glasses


Tip #2 – Look over the top of the frames

This is a great way to pose with glasses, but still show your eyes! Peer over the top of your glasses for a sassy vibe, or bring your glasses below the bridge of your nose to create a more dramatic and chic feel. You can also mix posing tips and actively pull down your glasses to look over the top of them, like Alexi did below.

Pink visor sunglasses


Tip #3 – Catch a reflection

We tend to avoid catching reflections in glasses when taking photos, especially for headshots, as they can be incredibly distracting and will obscure your eyes. But you can also utilize reflections in glasses to create more artistic shots! Tilt your head up and face a light source to catch a dreamy reflection in your frames.

Blond Amsterdam


Tip #4 – Shoot the glasses away from your face

It might seem counter-intuitive, but a great way to pose with glasses is to bring them away from your face. This puts full focus onto the pair of frames for a product-centric shot, or shows a more casual moment of putting on or taking off your glasses.

Glasses product photography

Sunset golden hour

Monochrome orange outfit



What’s your favorite way to pose with glasses? Let me know down in the comments!




How to pose with glasses

How to pose with glasses