How to create pinnable blog posts from OOTD photos

If you are a fashion creator and post OOTD photos on Instagram, you should be repurposing your content to blog posts and  Pinterest to reach a whole new audience! This blog post will walk you through everything from creating a blog, writing pinnable blog posts, and sharing your content to Pinterest.

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Why you should create pinnable blog posts from your outfit photos

Pinterest is an expanding platform where people go to find inspiration and solve problems. By repurposing your your style and outfit photos you create for Instagram, you can reach a whole new audience who are looking for exactly what you create!

NYC SoHo outfit of the day photo - Karya Schanilec Photography


How to create a blog

The first step in creating pinnable blog posts is creating a domain name with a hosting platform. Consider using your full name or your Instagram handle. Here are the blogging platforms I recommend:

Create a WordPress Blog

Create a SquareSpace Blog

Create a Wix Blog


How to create a pinnable blog post from outfit photos

Create a title

Title your blog post the theme of your outfit with a call to action, like “How to wear…” or “How to style…”

Write a description with keywords

Keywords help your blog post get discovered through search engines, like “white dress outfit for summer” or “how to wear cowboy boots with jeans.” Write a 150-300 word description of your outfit with relevant keywords. You can also repurpose this copy for when you pin the photos to Pinterest!

Add photos

Of course add the outfit photos! Add as many as you like – people love to see different angles and details.

Tag affiliate links for products

If you are part of any affiliate programs like LiketoKnowit or directly through brands, make sure you add those links! This will help people shop your outfit and make you some passive income.


How to pin your blog post images to Pinterest

Once you have the blog post published, the final step is to pin the photos to Pinterest for extra discoverability. You can either grab images from the blog post with browser extensions from scheduling apps like Tailwind, or use Pinterest’s save from site feature in their pin builder. 

For the title of your pin, use the title of your blog post and add your name. For the description, describe what’s going on in the image with keywords and say what a user can expect if they click on the pin link. Add the pin to a fashion or style themed board, and you’re done!

For more best practices for creating a Pinterest profile and pins, read this blog post.


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