How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

How to create a cohesive Instagram feed by deciding your focus, shooting cohesive content, using presets for consistent photo editing, and creating visual patterns on your profile!



#1 – Decide on your focus to create a cohesive Instagram feed

Having unifying content will instantly unify your Instagram feed. You may already have your focus set for your Instagram, or are still searching for it – that’s ok! But the more you narrow down your niche, the more cohesive your platforms will be.


#2 – Shoot & post cohesive content

The number one way to create a cohesive Instagram feed is to post images that have similar colors, tones, and light. No matter what the content is, these three elements will make your profile look unified and engaging. And you don’t have to keep the same colors, tones, and light for your entire feed for all of eternity – your feed can change just like you do!

Colors – pick a color palette based on what you already have and post. Color palette examples can be found on Pinterest, or you can figure out the existing color palette of your feed with the Pantone Studio app.

Tones – do you like your colors bright, muted, pastel, or desaturated? Pick one and stick with it when shooting & editing your photos.

Light – bright & airy vs. dark & moody, again stick to one when shooting & editing.


Below is an example of my feed – my unifying elements are pink, clean & saturated tones, and bright lighting.



#3 – Use a preset pack

Presets for Lightroom and various different photo editing apps help to create a cohesive feed. Presets create the base color, tones, and light for you to adjust and build upon. Try these Lightroom presets that have help other Instagrammers create cohesive feeds!






Below is an example of my cohesive Instagram feed – all of the photos have been edited with the same four presets from my Moody Presets Pack which helps unify the tones.



#4 – Create patterns

Another way I create cohesion in my Instagram feed is to post in patterns that create satisfying visuals for my audience. My favorite way to achieve this is by alternating the type of photo I’m posting – mixing up shots of far away and close up portraits, as well as detail shots and flat lays. This gives both variety and visual rest for the viewer of your feed.