Blogger Presets Pack – Emma’s Edition x Karya Presets



Three Lightroom Desktop + Mobile blogger presets inspired by the style of Emma’s Edition designed to give your photos that perfect pop of color and contrast!


The Blogger Presets:

Emmalynn – the perfect preset for everyday images on your feed, this namesake boosts Emma’s classic colors of red, green, and pink while bringing out contrast and vibrance.

Fashion Insider – a preset designed for those pesky indoor lighting situations, Fashion Insider desaturates yellows and brings out true whites and blacks in your low light photos.

Boonie – named after the Norwegian elkhound who just loves cheese, this preset makes cloudy PNW days sunny by boosting warmth and desaturating blues (just like Boone).

What’s included:

  • 3 Lightroom Desktop + Mobile blogger presets
  • Installation instructions
  • Editing guide
  • Instant download



Fine Print:

Since every photo has different lighting and white balance, the results of the presets are depending on the image. Upon download, you will also receive a PDF with instructions for easy adjustments to exposure and white balance needed to bring out the best in these presets. 

Disclaimer: due to the digital nature of the products, returns cannot be provided. 

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