Branding Photoshoot Inspiration for Indoors & Outdoors

Do you have a personal branding photoshoot coming up and don’t quite know what to do? Read on for branding photoshoot inspiration from what the wear, where to shoot, and how to pose!


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Where to shoot for a branding photoshoot

The first step for branding photoshoot inspiration is the location. When you choose the location for a branding photoshoot, first consider what you are trying to communicate with your imagery to potential clients. 



For outside locations like a city street, look for a quieter area or shoot early in the morning to avoid people. Consider what a location would convey to a potential client and make sure it’s representative of your personal brand. 


NYC branding photoshoot inspiration - Karya Schanilec Photography

Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot inspiration - Karya Schanilec Photography

Real estate agent photoshoot ideas & poses - Karya Schanilec Photography



If you do a job that has you inside most of the time, consider shooting in a similar setting. If you do not have your own office or studio space, you can always rent a Peerspace that represents the space you want to be conveyed in.


Indoor photoshoot, branding photography ideas - Karya Schanilec NYC branding photography

Indoor food blogger branding photoshoot inspiration - Karya Schanilec Photography

Interior designer branding photoshoot inspiration - Karya Schanilec Photography



For formal headshots or branding photos on a plain background, consider shooting in a photo studio with a photographer experienced with studio photoshoots.


White sweep studio branding photoshoot




What to wear for a branding photoshoot

When preparing what you’re wearing for a branding photoshoot, here are my do’s and don’t:


  • Wear clothing you are comfortable and confident in
  • Choose neutral or muted colors that won’t draw focus away from your face
  • Dress according to your profession or niche – what would you wear to work? To meet a client?
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free
  • Consider getting a fresh haircut or color
  • If you wear makeup, keep it neutral, natural, and minimal


  • Wear loud or complicated patterns that have the potential to not photograph well
  • Wear soiled or wrinkled clothing


NYC headshots and branding

Men's headshot photography poses - Karya Schanilec Photography

Skincare and beauty blogger branding photoshoot inspiration - Karya Schanilec Photography

Personal branding photoshoot inspiration - digital marketing branding photo ideas



How to pose for a branding photoshoot

One of the most important steps in gathering branding photoshoot inspiration is what poses you will execute during the shoot.

Standing Poses

My go-to poses for standing are:

  • Leaning against a wall
  • Wide stance power pose with hands on hips/in pockets
  • Arms folded with ankles crossed
  • Sink weight into one hip and push hair behind ear


Standing poses for branding photoshoot

Personal branding pose ideas for women

Standing poses for personal branding photoshoot



Sitting Poses

My favorite sitting pose prompt is to ask my client to sit and address me as if I was a client during a meeting. I also love to have them lean towards the camera and give me their best fake laugh.


Sitting poses for branding photoshoot

Sitting poses for men - branding photoshoot inspiration


Motion Poses

My absolute favorite pose prompt is have my client move! My go-to motion prompts for branding photoshoots are:

  • Walk towards the camera looking side to side
  • Walk away from the camera and look back
  • Walk across the camera and look behind you


Creative personal branding photoshoot poses - Karya Schanilec NYC Photographer

Branding photoshoot inspiration & pose ideas - Karya Schanilec NYC Photographer