7 Pinterest Tips for Photographers

These 7 Pinterest tips for photographers will get you discovered on Pinterest! A marketing tool under utilized by many photographers, Pinterest is a powerful search engine and marketing tool you can use to drive traffic and exposure to your work.

Before we get started, let’s be friends on Pinterest!  Just this month I reached almost 1 million viewers and 50,000 engaged users through my Pinterest utilizing these Pinterest tips for photographers!


1# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Pin from your website & Instagram

The best way to drive traffic to your website or social media platforms is to pin images directly from those sites. Install the Pinterest plugin for your internet browser and add the Pinterest “Pin It” button to your website for easy pinning for you and people who view your sites. 


Cha Cha Matcha NYC

6 Pinterest tips for photographers


2# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Pin original images

In addition to pinning directly from your social media platforms, you can also create original pins by uploading images. Make sure to include a link back to one of your sites you want to drive traffic to, and add a description and keywords (see the next tip!)


White outfit inspo leather bralette outfit

Bag swing photo inspo


3# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Use keywords

To maximize your SEO (search engine optimization), add keywords to your pins and increase your discovery on Pinterest. Just link hashtags, keywords replicate phrases that user will be searching for, and should describe the image. For example, these are the keywords I would use for the below images I took in DUMBO of a blogger:

DUMBO photoshoot | DUMBO photo ideas | DUMBO photo inspo | DUMBO outfit inspo | NYC photoshoot | blogger photo shoot ideas | NYC blogger photographer | Fashion photography | NYC photographer | NYC blogger | Brooklyn photoshoot | Brooklyn Instagrammable | Karya Schanilec Photography

Pro tip: include your business name in your keywords for extra searchability through Google!



4# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Pin other content from other accounts

Spread the love and pin images that inspire you from other Pinterest accounts to your boards. This will help diversify the content on your account, and connect you to other amazing photographers and content creators on the platform! 


Cha Cha Matcha NYC

Cha Cha Matcha NYC


5# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Pin both seasonal and evergreen content

Make sure to be pinning both seasonal and evergreen content! Seasonal content is images that are searched for only at certain points in the year (e.g. pumpkin patch photos, family holiday card poses). Evergreen content is images that will be searched for year-round (e.g. engagement poses, city portraits). Maintaining a balance between these two content types will help boost your SEO on Pinterest.



6# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Automate your pinning

Set it and forget it! Utilizing automation services like Tailwind and Buffer will help you regularly post, and even re-pin high performing or seasonal content at just the right times.



7# Pinterest Tip for Photographers – Join group boards

Joining and pinning to group boards with other photographers or people in your niche will boost the visibility of your content and help you network! Check out Golden Oasis Media’s blog post on how to find the best group boards for your niche.





Pinterest tips for photographers

Pinterest Tips for Photographers