5 Websites to Help You Find a Photographer While Traveling

The best way to document a trip is through photographs, and it’s even better if you are in them! Here are five websites you can use to find a photographer while traveling, from solo travelers to surprise proposals.

#1 – AirBnb Experiences

My favorite website to find a photographer while traveling is believe it or not, AirBnb! In addition to amazing homes you can stay in while traveling, AirBnb offers experiences hosted by locals and experts! In many cities you can find photographers offering photoshoots or photo tours for individuals, families, couples, and groups (including my SoHo Photoshoot here in New York City). Usually these experiences will be a set in a popular neighborhood or theme, which is perfect for those who want an expert perspective during their shoot. Explore what each city has to offer!

Pietro Nolita NYC Photographer


#2 – Shuttr

Founded by photographer and YouTuber Shelby Church, Shuttr connects you with the best freelance photographers and videographers out there. Some offer specific shoot locations or packages, while many are open to ideas and locations you have. Explore their portfolios and book the one you love!

San Francisco Tile Steps How to find a photographer while traveling


#3 – Flytographer

Flytographer is perfect for couples looking to find a photographer while traveling – you can even hire a photographer specifically for surprise proposals! Many of the photographers on Flytographer focus on couples and families, but also book for solo travelers looking to document their trip. 

The Empire State Building NYC Photographer


#4 – The Hub

The Hub is a fantastic place for creatives to connect with other creatives, including photographers, influencers, models, hair and makeup artists, and videographers. If you’re looking to do a more creative or conceptual shoot while you’re traveling or collaborate with an influencer, I recommend starting your search on The Hub.

Pike Place Market Travel Photographer


#5 – Shoot My Travel

Boasting over 450 destinations, Shoot My Travel offers specific packages set by photographers and a guaranteed turn-around time for edited photos. You can also order physical prints through their website in addition to receiving digital images.

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How to find a photographer while traveling

How to find a photographer while traveling