5 Apps for Creating Videos

Are you a content creator who wants to create more video content in 2020? I’m with you! Check out these 5 apps for creating videos.


#1 Apps for Creating Videos – Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush is the app I use to edit just about all of my videos on my phone with, including IGTVs and TikToks. It is a streamlined version of Adobe Premiere Pro, which is used by many professionals to edit videos on the computer. The most valuable tools in Adobe Rush are the speed tool to slow and speed up footage, the splice tool to trim and rearrange footage, and the ability to add audio (including voiceovers) and text. You can also do basic color corrections to footage in the app!

#2 Apps for Creating Videos – Jumprope

A super cool new app to the scene, Jumprope helps you create how to and tutorial videos in no time at all. Just record in app or upload footage, add text, and Jumprope will design and format the entire video for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, plus even create Pinterest graphics.

#3 Apps for Creating Videos – Filto

Filto has been my go to for adding fun extra effects and color editing to videos. You need to pay to unlock all of the app’s features, but the free version comes with great exposure and color tools, fun effects, and overlays.

#4 Apps for Creating Videos – TikTok

Of course I had to include TikTok on this list! This social media platform is taking over in 2020 as the best way to share short-form video content (and even go viral!). I use TikTok to share editing videos, use some of their in-app effects, and get lots of inspiration from other creators on the platform.

#5 Apps for Creating Videos – Adobe Express

Another Adobe product I love for making videos is Adobe Express. I create the majority of my text and graphics with Adobe Express, which is a great “graphic design for n00bs” app. You create both static and dynamic graphics that can be easily integrated into video, or used on their own as video content.



The best apps for creating video

5 Apps for Creating Videos