4 Headshots Tips to Take Great Linkedin Photos

On Linkedin, the first thing someone viewing your profile sees is your picture. To make a great impression on a peer or future employer, it’s best practice to have a professional headshot as your profile image. Getting headshots professionally done can be a daunting and stressful process, especially if you don’t know any photographers or don’t have experience being in front of the camera. But don’t fear! Read on for headshots tips to get great pictures for your Linkedin and other social media platforms.


Headshots Tip #1 – Choose the right photographer

First of the headshots tips is to decide what type of headshot do you need. Something traditional? Creative? Playful? Dramatic?

If you’re going for a traditional, neutral background headshot, seek out photographers who offer studio sessions. If you want your headshots to be outdoors, featuring a fun background or at a specific location, look for photographers who offer lifestyle sessions. Communicate to your photographer the feel you want to achieve with your headshots so they can help you with location and posing!


Headshots Tip #2 – Wear the right clothes

When deciding what to wear for headshots, first consider if the shots will be just torso up, or will you be taking full body shots as well? Plan your outfit accordingly to the style of shots you’ll be taking, and either way make sure your full outfit is clean and ironed. Avoid distracting patterns such as polka dots and stripes, and bright shades such red and orange. Stick to neutral colors and subtle patterns to keep the focus on your face! Also, consider your niche and dress accordingly – what would you wear to work?



Headshots Tip #3 – Hair & Makeup

The goal of hair and makeup in headshots is to look polished and professional. Wear your hair how you normally would to reflect your everyday style, and for long hair tame those fly aways and baby hairs that are distracting in photos. Style your hair away from your face if possible, and if you dye your hair, get a fresh color right before. One of my headshots tips is to get a trim to have your cut looking fresh as well!

If you wear makeup, keep it neutral, natural, and minimal to enhance your features. If you don’t feel confident applying camera ready makeup yourself, Sephora offers mini makeovers for free or full makeovers/makeup lessons along with a purchase!



Headshots Tip #4 – Research yourself

Look at photos of yourself – what is different in the photos you like vs. the photos you don’t like of yourself? Do you have a “good side”? Angles that work for you better than others? Recognize patterns, and communicate with your photographer what you prefer – this will assist them in posing you to get the best shots!



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Take great headshots tips

Take great headshots tips