3 Steps for Finding a Photographer While Traveling

Looking to create content while on vacation, a business trip, or visiting family? Hiring a local photographer is the best way to document your trip, especially if you’re traveling alone. Finding and hiring the perfect photographer to create your travel content is not easy, but not impossible (shameless plug: you can always hire me if you’re in Seattle!) Follow these three easy steps for finding a photographer while traveling anywhere you go.


#1 – Explore hashtags

The easiest way to find a photographer is to go through other influencers and bloggers in the area. Search influencer/blogger location specific hashtags (e,g, #nycblogger and #nycinfluencer) on Instagram. If you have a specific niche (fashion, fitness etc.), seek out influencers within these hashtags who also share that niche. From there, identify influencers whose photos/aesthetic you like. Do they have a photographer tagged in their photos or in the comments? Most likely this will be a photographer who works with bloggers often. Check out their profile and work, and decide if you would want to work with them!

Another way to find a photographer is to search the location specific hashtag for photographers in the city you’re visiting (e.g. #seattlephotographer or #chicagophotographer). Browse through and find a photographer who takes portraits, has done work in your niche (fashion, fitness etc.), and has a style that fits your own. This will give you more choices, especially for styles and niches, but can sometimes be too broad to find someone who works with bloggers and influencers.

3 steps for finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

#2 – Do Some Research

The next step is to do some research on where you want to shoot at. Pinterest is a great place to start – try searching “Most Instagrammable (insert city name).” Do you want to go for tourist classics or a more local scene? When you contact the photographer, let them know your location ideas and what type of vibe you’d like just in case they have the perfect spot in mind for you!

3 steps for finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

#3 – Make Contact!

Once you’ve found a photographer you’d like to work with, see how they prefer to be contact – through email, their website, or DMs. Either way, start off the message by introducing yourself and what type of blog or page you have. Say what days and times you are looking to shoot and what type of content you’re looking to shoot (the more specific you can be the better). Tell them your ideas for locations, but also ask for their suggestions! Also specify how many looks/locations you would like to shoot (if you plan on changing outfits/locations) so they can give you an appropriate rate.

Contact photographers at least 2 weeks before your trip. This will give you maximum time to plan the shoot, the photographer will have the best availability, and allow for any changes in your travel plans. Also have another photographer in mind just in the case they aren’t able to shoot.

3 steps for finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling


Good luck finding a photographer while traveling on your next trip!

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